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Phone Number 1-866-728-4368
Fax Number 1-855-474-3063

   Monday through    Friday
   8 am to 8 pm ET
GSK Patient Assistance Program
PO Box 220590
Charlotte, NC 28222-0590

Additional Information Regarding the Portal

Welcome to the GSK Patient Assistance Program (GSK PAP) Portal. Starting October 3, 2016, portal functionality for the GSK Vaccines Access Program, Bridges to Access, and GSK Access has been enhanced to better serve you and your patients. Changes include the following:

  • Electronic Application Capability within the portal allows users to submit applications and review status of submissions within the portal.

  • Electronic Signature Capability for patient attestations on the application will now be available. Please note this electronic signature is not valid for prescriptions.

  • Patient Case Status Report Functionality allows users to view a report of a patient's most recent status in the program, including prescription fill information.

  • Secure Messaging between the user and the program, allows HIPAA-compliant electronic messaging from within the portal direct to a program team member.

How Do I Access The Portal?

  • If you have registered since 8/1/2016, please follow the instructions provided via email when you completed the registration process.

  • If you have NOT registered since 8/1/2016, please click the "Register Now" button to initiate the process