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Phone Number 1-866-728-4368
Fax Number 1-855-474-3063

   Monday through    Friday
   8 am to 8 pm ET
GSK Patient Assistance Program
PO Box 220590
Charlotte, NC 28222-0590

Updated Program Details

Welcome to the new GSK Patient Assistance Program (GSK PAP) combining the GSK Vaccines Access Program, Bridges to Access, and GSK Access. Starting October 3, 2016, GSK Access and Bridges to Access transitioned to the GSK Patient Assistance Program. As of that date, a few changes have been made to better serve you and your patients. Changes include the following:

  • One program for all patients looking for assistance with GSK medication. Although the guidelines will remain the same, there will now be only one application for patients with no insurance or with Medicare Part D coverage.

  • A new application will be available beginning October 3, 2016. This form will be required to enroll or re-enroll patients after that date and the current application will no longer be accepted. Currently enrolled patients will remain in the program for their current enrollment cycle.

  • Income documentation such as tax forms will no longer be required in all cases to confirm eligibility as the program will complete automated validation of income. The program will reach out when circumstances require these forms to ensure current and accurate information has been received.

  • Electronic Signature Capability for patient attestations on the application will now be available. Please note this electronic signature is not valid for prescriptions.

  • Updated registration numbers will be provided upon submission of the first patient application on or after October 3, 2016. No additional steps are needed to maintain program registration.

  • New Advocate Portal will be available to allow electronic submission of applications, and patient status review.

  • Patient Care Coordinators will be available 8:00 AM to 8:00 PM Eastern Time Monday through Friday at 1-866-728-4368 to support your GSK Patient Assistance Program needs.